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Education In Your Digital Business Docket

Nowadays, people think education doesn’t matter much while applying for a job everybody thinks it’s the experience that matters. But it is partially correct, as with experience education in your digital business docket will improve your overall profile as well.  

Mentioning your education on the digital business docket is also a prime factor. When a person looks into your business card and finds out you have done your studies from reputed organizations, this will create a good impression on him/her. 

When you mention your education in many CVs or resumes, it helps the selectors to verify whether you are eligible for the job or not. 

Do you know your educational qualification helps you to stand out from the crowd? Yes, you read it right when you mention your educational qualification in your official form, increase your chances of getting hired.

I hope now you are aware of the importance of mentioning your educational qualifications. In the same way, filling the educational column in MEAU helps you stand out from the crowd.

MEAU lets you add educational qualifications in one link and share it easily in your profile. 

Education In Your Digital Business Docket

When you visit MEAU, you will get an interface shown below. The marked fields are mandatory to fill, and the unmarked ones are optional you want you can skip them.

How to Fill The Column in your Digital Business Docket –

  1. Education Level is the first field on the page. Here you will have to mention your level of qualification. (Bachelor, Graduation, etc.)
  1. Then comes the Degree. Select the type of degree.
  1. Then enter your specialization.
  1. Select the university you have completed your studies.
  1. Then select the course type you have completed.
  1. The last thing you need to select is starting and ending date of the course.

You only have to follow the above-mentioned steps. This way you, can easily publish your educational qualification in your MEAU profile.

If you still have any, queries then feel free to contact us.

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