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Mark Important Information on MEAU Bookmark

With less than six seconds span of attention. We scroll from one site to another, and thus, in our web surfacing sessions. We tend to miss out on important information bookmark.

At the dawn of the 20th century, browsers such as Fireball and Netscape Navigator were not equipped enough to save bookmarks for their users. With a significant technological revolution, social bookmarking is more prominent today than ever before.

MEAU, in keeping up with the fast-moving paperless world and provides you the option to bookmark important social profiles on its digital platform.

You can thus store the endless number of important business contacts and build a strong social network at your convenience.

At the dashboard of your MEAU profile, you can view your bookmarked profiles with a single tap. Here are some benefits of bookmarking profiles at MEAU:

Relevance to SEO techniques

Saving social bookmarks is an unconventional yet proven way of employing SEO techniques and strategies for maximum results. The bookmarked sites or profiles will have a higher page ranking as well as search rank. Thus, bookmarking profiles works as a gateway to building one-way and back-up links.

Increase Web Traffic


MEAU links up all your social media profiles on one single platform. Thus, by bookmarking your profile on one web platform, users will be redirected to your other digital accounts, and with a higher SEO reach, you can increase the web traffic on your profile as well as your overall online reach and thus go viral.

Brand Building and Marketing

Digital Bookmarking at MEAU will not only give you a higher social reach but also a targeted and relevant audience. Often, a disadvantage that comes with a higher page ranking is irrelevant webspam. MEAU, made specifically for a business audience, brings you targeted customers and helps your brand grow.


One of the most notable, features of MEAU, bookmarking profiles will provide you a refined, efficient, and easily accessible assortment of business and corporate files on a single page.

Driven by our mission of making your web experience hassle-free and enthralling, we are working relentlessly to help you build your brand, establish a digital identity, and increase your career prospects and reach.

Mark Important Information on MEAU Bookmark

Social bookmarking is the modern age digital marketing technique and at MEAU, you are one bookmark away from getting closer to becoming a web giant.

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