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My Leads: Connect With Professionals

MEAU, as a digital docket, helps people establish their social presence and digital identity by getting leads. In doing so, it becomes the bridge where different professional entities can meet and interact.

Thus, forming and establishing social contacts is one of the most prominent aspects of creating a digital portfolio with MEAU.

Whether you are a freelancer looking for a project or a student looking for a job. At MEAU, you can search for multiple social profiles and connect with the ones that hold interest to you.

The ‘My Leads’ section of your MEAU profile serves as a messaging log storing all your messages and conversations. 

It also provides you with the option to archive your important messages. Thus, MEAU aims at establishing a closely knitted business network that helps you fulfill your social needs, increase your professional contacts, and improve your career prospects. 

Here are five ways in which the business messaging feature (My Leads section) of MEAU will fulfill your communication needs:

Connect with Professionals

In the digital age of a paperless society. People are increasingly rejecting traditional resumes and are shifting to online means of creating a social portfolio.

Whether you are an artist, accountant, or blogger, a digital portfolio and business card is essential for all.

Thus by creating a digital portfolio on MEAU, you share the platform with hundreds of other users from diverse social and professional backgrounds.

MEAU enables you to view social profiles and connect with them via messages. If you are looking for employment, for instance, you can connect with your potential employer by simply dropping him or her a message on MEAU.

Prioritize Business Messages

Connect With Professionals

The conversations available in the My Leads section of your business profile can be archived as per the primacy of the chat among others. Thus, you can prioritize important business messages and highlight your most prominent contacts by shifting them to the archive section of the messaging column.

Eliminate Email Overload

We are dismayed by the laborious task of classing endless emails daily. Whether it is notifications from your social media accounts, college or other institutions, or even the government. The MEAU inboxes are a cluster of unsorted messages difficult to track and navigate through.

MEAU, by providing you a platform to connect with business professionals, helps you eliminate email overload. MEAU also helps you organize and track significant business conversations more efficiently.

Form Grapevine Network

While forming formal business networks or business contacts is essential to grow professionally, informal or grapevine networks within an organization or outside the organization are equally important and necessary to shape your communication skills.

Business, social, as well as personal interactions, impart us with knowledge and help us grow in our capacity. MEAU provides you with a safe space to not only interact with professionals for a certain business project but also for socialization beyond work.

Develop Communication Skills

From writing concise business messages to professionals to communicating on the grounds of goodwill, fluent communication skills are a prerequisite in every field. 

By contacting potential employers, artists, freelancers, and diverse professionals at MEAU, you get the opportunity to share your knowledge. You can also develop innovative thinking, nurture group ideas and a prominent team-building spirit.  

My Leads is not your basic messaging app. It is a privacy-secured chat log that helps you form meaningful connections with others.

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