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Link Tree – Digital Business Card Act as a Link Tree

Instagram is the most famous social media platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Millions of people avail Instagram daily to share photos and market their business. If you want to grow your business online then you must market your business on Instagram using Link Tree.

Instagram permits you to put a single bio link in your bio section of the account. This limits you as a marketer. But you can do much more with that link using bio link tools.

What is a Link tree?

As the name suggested a link tree (or bio links) is a group of important links that contains your most important content and resources. They are planned to use social media bios, especially in places like Instagram, where only one link is permitted. You can share this link anywhere on Facebook, LinkedIn profile.

There are verities of tools available in the market to optimize your bio link. Using this tool, you can create a single link that contains unlimited links to share on your Instagram bio.

Meau – Me App Url

MEAU (my app URL) is a single link solution and an easy tool to get more out of your Instagram bio link.

When your follower clicks your bio link, they see your Meau profile includes multiple links like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, request form, and much more about you.

How to Use MEAU as Link tree in your social bio

  1. Go to MEAU.in, click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right. Next, complete the sign-in process, or sign up with the appropriate user name and phone number.
Sign Up section

2. Start with filling in some of your basic details such as name, phone number, profile tag, profile headline.

Fill in all your basic details to create a business card

3. Add all your links according to your preference, choose the way you want to display the links , and choose the access controls among private, professional, public.

Add Links in order to create your link tree

4. Once you are done with creating your digital card with Meau , copy the URL and add it to your Instagram bio. And done!

Add Your MEAU vanity URL in the Instagram Bio section.

Now, your digital profile will act as a single link carrying all your information and links.

Is meau safe?

Here are some cons to this tool.

  • Visiting History: Visiting history on MEAU will track and sends an email to you whenever someone visits your profile or links.
  • Link Analytics: Meau will let you know who views your links. MENU keeps a record of each and every person who views your link.
  • Access controls: One of the best ways to keep your data secure in MEAU is the “Access control” feature that makes it easy to set your links public, protected, or professional according to your preference of security. 

Places you can use MEAU profile as a Link Tree

While these types of bio links started with Instagram, you can use them anywhere. And if you want to get super cool, you can edit your MEAU profile according to various platforms. For instance, the bio links page you want people to visit coming from your LinkedIn page may look a little distinct from the one for visitors from Instagram.

Get creative and explore different ways to use a single link profile as a link tree like these. Here’s a quick list where you can use this link:

  • LinkedIn profile – Share links to your portfolio, achievements, previous work, email, and social profiles
  • Business cards –rise the dynamic with special links and content for people you share your business cards with.
  • Your email signature –Important information regarding communication to direct people to from your emails
  • Links in your book(s) – Share key resources with readers of your books.

The possibilities are endless. And if you’re doing this on your website, you can create as many of these specialized pages as you want. So, change designs, content, and everything for really just about any audience you can add imagine also.


If you run a content platform (blog, writer, etc) of any kind, then getting your core content in front of people is reproving. Link tree certainly brought a level of convenience to highlighting that content in the one link you get for your Instagram bio.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is always to get people onto your website and have them take some action. Having a well-structured bio links page accomplishes just that. And manage traffic to an engagement-focused page can improve your overall SEO ranking by showing Google that your website is worth engaging with.

Better yet, keeping full control over the branding and design is an important element for heightening your platform online. It’s important to build a company that people will acknowledge when they think about you.

So, go and try out MEAU now, and get started today! And Let’s see what you can create. Please share in the comments!

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