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Draft: An Excellent Way of Journaling Digitally

Human beings are nothing if not a cluster of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. From your grocery list to project ideas to contact numbers to business plans to favorite movie quotes to your mom’s recipes, you often find yourself running around looking for a pen and paper to gather reminders for important information that you might forget in the hustle of everyday life but now you can draft it by using MEAU.

In the age driven by technology, digital screens have replaced paper in more than one way.

MEAU is your modern-day solution for all your digital business needs as it helps you build a digital business card, an online profile, a link tree, and is a storehouse of various other features that will help you improve your social presence and reach. 

It stands as the solid middle ground where potential employers and employees along with other professionals can meet. 

One such significant feature, provided by MEAU, that will not only help you connect with the social world but also with yourself is the subsection named Draft under the My Details column of your MEAU profile. 

Much like the sticky notes in your business journals, MEAU brings to you a portable digital journal where drafts can be titled, organized, and saved with a strong privacy algorithm according to your professional and personal needs. 

Here are five ways in which the draft section of the MEAU profile can act as a digital journal and thus facilitate your daily life:

Draft: An Excellent Way of Journaling Digitally

1. Organized

Whether you are a young entrepreneur, a student, artist, freelancer, or a side-hustler, organization skills are one set of traits that are mandatory to master to achieve success. In both personal as well as professional lives skills is an important factor.

By saving and organizing your notes digitally in the draft section of MEAU. Here you can increase your work efficiency and organization skills.

MEAU also provides you with the option to title your drafts. MEAU made it easier for you to search for the needed draft in no time.

You can thus customize, store, and arrange multitudes of varying information in one place. MEAU makes your life easier and more efficient.

2. Ensure Privacy

Privacy is one of the most prominent fortes of MEAU. Unlike other digital profile platforms, we ensure the privacy of your social presence.

From your basic details to additional information to link-trees. In MEAU you can customize your privacy requirements by choosing your set-up for privacy which is private, protected, or public.

The draft section, meant to be your journal in a digital format, follows a strict policy of respecting your privacy. Hence, no one other than yourself can have access to your saved drafts.


3. Manage Productivity

Making daily stock notes on a digital platform is a great way of managing productivity. In the hustle of the business world, we are driven by deadlines and the paucity of time.

Making small and achievable daily targets will help you reach your bigger and long-term goals. The draft section of MEAU is perfect for maintaining daily to-do-lists for your personal as well as professional lives.

Draft: An Excellent Way of Journaling Digitally

4. Efficient Planning

Keeping an organized set of business drafts will help you plan your projects better. For instance, you can maintain a new draft for each business idea and thus thrive for more coherent planning for all your endeavors by housing them in one secure place available and designed exclusively for you.


5. Digital Journal

From your business accounts to cash statements to your 2 A.M. poetry scribbling, MEAU’s draft section is your all-purpose safe digital journal with guarded privacy, designed to accommodate your personal as well as professional needs.

Your ideas are an integral part of who you are as a person and thus MEAU finds it necessary to provide you a safe space for your internal monologues, thoughts, feelings, or important ideas on your digital business profile.

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