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My Personal Experience With MEAU

In my overall experience, I got to know about this tool during an internship at MEAU

When I got connected with MEAU, then I realized it is an efficient tool. It has an excellent UI and support team for all the queries I had while using it.

MEAU has bundles of marvelous features that I needed.

It helped me create a digital identity that is a must to have a thing in this digital era.

MEAU has complete safety regarding data privacy. In my experience, the data provided there is entirely secure, and also it provides multiple safety options that I loved about MEAU.

Features of MEAU

MEAU has bundles of features but, my personal favorites are –

1. Visiting History

This feature gives a complete insight for whoever visits your profile or asks for any permission. 

It helps you to keep a record of all the people visiting your profile. It also tells you who saw which segment of information.

2. Link Locker

This feature provides high security to your important links.

Link locker is a prominent feature from MEAU. The link locker also protects the links from google crawlers. 

MEAU has kept my trust regarding privacy and safety.

3. Short URL

MEAU lets you shorten any URL, no need to use any other tools like Bitly, URL shortener, or any other.

Short URLs are very convenient to share over any social media.

Especially on Twitter, as it allows only 280 characters which are not enough if you pate long URLs.

4. Link Tree

I love this feature from MEAU.

The link tree lets you add multiple links under a single heading or a single link.

It is a kind of single-window solution for every individual who needs to deal with a bunch of links at once.

Creating a link tree with all the links of the same kind under one main heading makes it really easy to share those links.

The Link tree smoothens the shareability of links.

5. Resume Review

The Resume Review was very significant for me in creating an impactful resume.

As a fresher, one doesn’t have much knowledge about creating an attractive and impactful resume.

This feature from MEAU is a supporting hand for all the freshers out there trying to create a killer resume.


MEAU has helped me a lot with such astonishing features.

For me, MEAU has everything I needed to create an impactful digital identity.

MEAU has a section called Additional Information. This section provided me a platform to showcase my skills and certificates to the world.

I got a platform to narrate my story to the world. MEAU allowed me to showcase my proficiency and talent.

MEAU helped me to go ahead of others while applying for any job, internship, and freelancing. 

My overall experience is that I loved the tool, and I would rate it 9.5 out of 10. I also suggest every individual, especially the freshers to get started with MEAU.

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