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How to create short link URL with MEAU?

Are you an email marketer, social media marketer, and another one who mostly involve in sharing links to the current customer and individuals?? Then you know how difficult it is to attract people’s attention with a long link. No problem we have got a solution for you by helping you create a short link URL for better.

But as you go through this blog post it is no longer be difficult for you.

Well, there are lots of URL shortener companies that provide services with different sets of features. So, It is up to you to decide which feature matters to you or not??

In this blog post, You will find How To Create Short Link Url With Meau and what Meau short link features help your business to grow.

How to shorten your link with MEAU?

You know what, link shorteners can be very useful to your business. Let’s go for a spin through how you can shorten your own links (and track them) with MEAU.

  1. First of all, creating a short link with MEAU will make you log in or sign up. It is easy to login or sign up with MEAU. All you need is a phone number, email, and password to become a user of MEAU.

2. We know, you have created an account with Meau. Next, you will land directly on the meau dashboard, where you will begin your process to create a short link URL. On the dashboard page, you will find the My Link section. After clicking on it you will be taken to the link page. Where you will see four options – Basic Details, Link, Link Locker, Short URL.

My link section .

3. You will shorten all your long links with the short URL option. In the short URL, you will see two options. The first is where you will enter your original URL and the second you will enter the keyword or domain name you want to see in your short URL.

Create Short url with three access controls.

4. With shortening of long URLs. You have a few options, by which you can display short links as you wish. . Let’s take a deeper look at how these options can help you control people’s access to short links.

Social, Personal, and Professional – these three present the status of a short link. for example If you want to shorten the LinkedIn profile link then most probably you will choose the professional options.

Public, Private, and Protected – It is up to you how to give people access to your short links. If you choose public then anyone can access the link. If you select the protected option then people have to log in or sign up to access that link.

Selecting private will only keep your link access to you.

5. Title and description box allow you to enter about the URL so that you can easily find it later with the search box.

Now let’s take a look at what your short link looks like.

Short URL.

Now copy the short URL and share it wherever you wish.

Why you should create short link URL with MEAU ?

Your shortened URLs can be used in publications, blogs, forums, e-mails, messages, and other uses. The more the benefits of a short URL, the more URL shortener tools are available on the internet such as bit.ly, Rebrandly, TinyURL etc.. Then here comes the question of why you should use the MEAU short URL.

When scrolling down, you will find some points that encourage you to use MEAU short URL and make it clear how MEAU short URL is different from other tools.

Customize URL –  Custom URLs are also known as vanity URLs. It is a web address that businesses and individuals use for branding and digital profile purposes respectively. This type of URL is more attractive, memorable, and descriptive than standard URLs.

For example, you see a job advertisement which is important to you and you do not have time to write it. If the link to an advertisement is long and complicated, then there is a chance that you cannot remember it. But if you use MEAU’s short URL, you will not only create a short URL for that long job link, you can save it to your profile for later.

Creating a custom URL with Meau specific to your website and your business is easy, fast, and free. You can convert your long URL into your branded URL by entering a name in a short URL box.

Access Controls: It is up to you how to give people access to your short links. On choosing the public option for your short link, anyone from anywhere can go through them. Whereas, if you go with Protected mode then only the MEAU login people can access the short links. And on selecting the Private option, only you can access and view them.

Short Link Analytics: With MEAU you can check the number of clicks that your shortened URL received. MEAU provides you with a visiting trend, where you can check up on who want to access your private links and who went through your public links. and you can also keep eyes on the profiles asked for request access to your private links.

Multiple sharing: You have generated your short URL. But what if you change your long URL then obviously you will have to generate a new short URL for that long URL.

MEAU makes it easy for you. You don’t have to generate a short URL again and again If you change a long URL.

For example, you have created the doc. of your portfolio with google drive. Next, you want people to click more on that so you will generate a short link to make it impressive. After days or weeks, If you add credentials in that portfolio which leads to change the whole long URL. Is the short URL that you have generated for the old long URL will work more??

YES, It will work if you create it with the MEAU URL shortener.

Secure: The URL you have generated with meau are HTTPS: and have access control. You can make your URL secure and save within your meau profile.

Device compatible: We know most of the internet users use mobile to share stuff like digital cards, portfolios, posts, and profiles than desktop. Keeping this thing in mind we have created a URL shortener so that you can share and open a short link on any device within a second.


We all know some of the basics of URL shorteners tools and how they work, but a lot more to these don’t talk about your security.

But MEAU cares about you and your privacy, and hence MEAU gives power in your hands to keep your links secure and track. Lastly, creating a short link URL with MEAU is not that difficult. Explore all features of MEAU and get yourself the best out of it. The rest is up to you, want to play with your links, or want to keep it safe.

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