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Language in a Portfolio

Do you know how important it is to mention the languages in a portfolio? While creating a portfolio listing the language is a must to do a thing.

When a person is making a resume, he needs to mention the language he knows. This way the selector knows that the candidate is aware of the language required for the business or not.

Mentioning the language also create a good impression for you.

language in your portfolio
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Why Mention the Languages in a portfolio?

Mentioning the languages is beneficial to an individual in many ways –

1. Way to Showcase your knowledge –

Listing the languages is an excellent way to showcase your known language to the portfolio viewers.

2. Make You Stand Out of the Crowd –

When you mention the list of languages you know in your portfolio, it helps you go-ahead from other people.

3. Show Your Language skills – 

Mentioning the languages shows that you have majestic proficiency in that particular language.

I guess now you are clear with the importance of mentioning the languages in your portfolio.MEAU.in lets, you add as many languages as you want. In just a few simple steps.

MEAU provides its users with an option where the user can mention whether he/she knows to read, speak, or write the language.

How to Mention the Languages in a portfolio?

To mention the language in MEAU, you need to follow the steps mentioned below – 

First-of-all when you visit MEAU and reach the language section, you will find an interface as shown below. The marked fields are essential, and you can’t skip them.

  • The first information that you will have to fill in is the name of the language.
  • Then you need to select the proficiency from the given options.
  • Just read the language, then select – Reading
  • Write the language, then select – Writing.
  • If you know the language in every aspect, then select all the options.

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