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Indian Creator Buckle up, There is a New Linktree in the Market

Howdy, Indian creators, get ready. We have bought you a new link tree with enormous features. MEAU has a bunch of unique features for you. There is a long list of features, but here are some of the unique key features.

Easy to use – 

MEAU is very easy to use. There is no such feature that you will find difficult to operate. You won’t have to spend much of your precious time knowing how to use it.

Even a school kid can use it to put all the links in a single place and share them with others.

Completely Customizable –

MEAU lets you customize everything starting from the font style, button style, format, and many more.

You can create your desired link tree in MEAU. A link tree with everything of your choice.

In-Depth Analytics –

In MEAU, you will get detailed analytics for your link trees. You can see how many people saw your link tree, the number of people who saved your link tree, and also the number of people who shared your link trees.

You will get an actual report of your link tree, which you can use in the future while targeting your audience.

Timeline for Linktrees –

MEAU offers you a very, unique feature that you won’t find in any other tool. A timeline for link trees. You will find all the link trees created in MEAU by every individual.

Though you will find several options for your safety, all the link trees under the public segment will be visible in the timeline. You can save the link tree that you find helpful and, also you can share them with your friends via different modes.

Several Privacy Options – 

MEAU offers you several privacy options that you won’t find in other tools. We know how important privacy is in every individual’s life.

In MEAU, we offer different types of safety you can choose your desired option. We try to keep all your data safe. Your safety is our responsibility.

These are some of many of our unique features. Every individual will enjoy using MEAU to create a link tree in no time and with complete safety.

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