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Link tree creation additional feature

Link tree is just a tool that enables you to form a free landing page and generates a link to the current landing page that you just will place in your social media accounts. A link tree is an editable cluster of links for you to publish around and obtain your multiple links in a single place. Some Link tree-making sites or applications that are quite famous these days are Meau.in, linktree, Instabio, Tap link, ShortStack, etc.

Benefits of using Link tree ?

Some of the benefits of using a  Linktree can be discussed as follows:

• By victimization Link trees on your social media accounts, you’ll be able to share your content along with your readers.

• Nowadays it’s an important promoting tool for any competition. It edges you by promoting yourself furthermore as your complete. Along with your weblog posts, merchandise, and social media links, it makes it straightforward for your potential customers to find out concerning you before shopping for your merchandise or services.

• It permits to own one link in your bio that homes links to any or all your content.

• You will use the Linktrees to cross-promote yourself by linking resolutely to your different social pages. For Example: Having your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any of your different social pages directly on your Instagram account can show potential customers that you are just square measure active on many platforms and square measure able to facilitate.

 • By victimizing the Link tree you’ll be able to have varied links. therefore you’ll be able to implement additional targeted social media campaigns with totally different|completely different} links targeted at different customer audiences. this may expand your target audiences while not having to tailor your page to merely one amongst them.

• You will insert complete pictures on your landing page for higher stigmatization and visuals. This may facilitate potential consumers or sellers to associate you along with your complete and increased retention.

• Using Linktree, you’ll be able to value more highly to add one (or several) affiliate links to your custom landing page furthermore as your personal/branded links. collecting them within the same place will increase the possibility that customers can scrutinize them.

What are the extra  features and information we can get by creating a Link tree from MEAU?

What is MEAU?

MEAU in its entirety is a modernistic transfiguration with a user-friendly interface for better usage and understanding. With a built-in privacy-driven algorithm and connection mechanism inherited data structures. This application provides the paced consumers with a platform that they can browse in and out.


Why MEAU is better than others?

Your Public details can be seen by any person, whether they have an account on MEAU or not.

  • Herewith MEAU, you will get real-time analytics to check who views your profile and which details are most viewed.
  • MEAU gives you a notification whenever someone views your profile, so your data is entirely safe with MEAU. We also give you three setups for selecting your privacy.

  • MEAU believes privacy is the priority for a person, so we keep all your data secure and provide the best safety to you.
  • When the web crawler tries to copy the sensitive info from the person’s URL, MEAU redirects the Crawlers to the website URLs. It is how our MEAU restricts the scrapers.

MEAU comes with bundles of unique features that will let you create an astonishing portfolio. We guarantee excellent performance with total security for your data.

Some unique features that we provide you are –

  • Detailed Analytics – MEAU provides you with detailed real-time analytics to know who is viewing your profile, which of your details are viewed often, and so on.
  • Link Locker – An entirely safe section to mention all your important links. No one can access your link locker except you. Even the owner of MEAU can’t see what links you have stored there.
  • Section to add your Achievements – MEAU lets you add all your achievements so people can know you even better. People will not only recognize your educational qualifications, but all the achievements you made in your life.
  • Link Tree – An exceedingly unique feature from MEAU that lets you add multiple links under one link. A link tree can save a lot of your time. Many times situations arise when you have to share a lot of links with someone. Either it be for professional purposes or personal, a link tree can help you do the task in a minute.

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