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Linktree as a Collection of Your Work Samples


Are you tired of sending work links to people? MEAU is here to help you out. We all need a secure place to save all our work samples and crucial documents to share with others easily when in need by linktrees. Copying a single link and sending it every time is a very protracted process.

What if you get a place to save the links for all your previous works or any crucial work? 

Sounds very helpful, isn’t it? Create a linktree having all your work samples, then relax without having any mental pressure. You can easily share one link when someone asks you to share your work samples with them.

Storing all the links to your sample works under one link will make it way easier to share with people, and you won’t have to worry about storing the link. MEAU store your links in your profile for you to get complete safety for your links and simplicity at the same time.

Since 2020 whenever we apply for a job or internship, they ask for the links to our previous works. Now things have changed a lot since the pandemic. Everything has got digitalized, so a linktree is a much-needed tool in recent times.

Why Include Social Icons on Your LinkTree?

I hope all the viewers know what a linktree is? If anyone you don’t know what a linktree is? Then you can check our blog about linktrees. When we create a landing page with all the necessary links and get a single link for the landing page, our work reduces isn’t it?

What if we make it even simpler for you? A button to share the linktree directly. This is getting interesting, isn’t it?

Having a social icon in your link tree allows you to directly share the linktree through that particular social media site. When you add a WhatsApp icon to your customized landing page, then the button will allow you to share the link tree through WhatsApp just by a single click.

So add customize your landing page with social media icons and share the link tree in just a single click over that social media website

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