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Linktrees Platform- Best Linktree Platform in India in 2021

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We all know once a thing is invented for the first time, after a certain period someone else brings an even better alternative for it. 

The same with the link tree creating platforms. Today there are plenty of platforms to create link trees for free.

What makes a product best for its users?

Everybody has different tastes and different expectations from a product. Some want simplicity, some want astonishing features, and some want uniqueness.

Everybody might be thinking about how a single link tree-creating platform has all these features. So to answer all your questions we have bought a list of the best linktrees platforms in India. 

As per us, we think the best product is the one which satisfies the user’s needs. The users can use it the way he/she wants, in other words, the product should be flexible.

The tools should be customizable so that the user can make use of them in his/her way. Yes, also it should be worth the money you spend, and if you get a product with the best features that too for free, then what else is needed.

8 Best Linktrees Platforms

  1. MEAU
  2. Linktree
  3. Feedlink
  4. Shorby
  5. Link in Profile
  6. Lnk.Bio
  7. Tap Bio
  8. ContactinBio

What is Linktree and Why is it Important?

First, let’s know what exactly a linktrees platform is? Linktree is a tool or a platform that lets you create a personalized and customizable page, with all the important links that you want to share. 

You can use it in your social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and many more. You can also use it to showcase your previous works, or your recent business as well.

In recent times no one has enough time to copy all the important links and share them one by one every time someone asks. Everybody needs time-saving and easy ways for completing a task. Linktrees platform will help to solve this problem. 

You can create a link tree with all the important links and then send it again and again whenever someone asks for it.

How Linktrees Platform Works?

When a person clicks the link of your linktree. They reach your linktree page which displays individual links to every heading you have chosen to display.

You can link your social media accounts like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and more. You can also link your blogs or articles with the linktree.

The list will help all those having any of the below requirement:

  • You can create a campaign to promote a product, link to the articles on your website.
  • You can increase engagement or the reach of your website.
  • Promoting a huge number of products, or even fewer products. 

1. MEAU.in

linktrees platform

MEAU is a platform that offers you a bunch of facilities, such as you can create customized link trees, an online business portfolio, you can short links, you can protect your important links in a link locker, create resumes, and also many other facilities.

This tool allows you to create a completely customized link tree, where you can add buttons, select your font color, style, type, and many more customization options available.

What MEAU Offers You:

  • A completely customizable link tree that can be created in mobile as well.
  • Digital Portfolio to take you ahead of others in the digitalized world.
  • A way to enhance your engagement or the audience on the website.
  • Customized Resume maker to save your precious time and energy.
  • A way to generate foreign traffic from Pinterest.

MEAU is a free tool. It offers you a bunch of features for free, you can use all its features without spending a single penny on it. MEAU is developing even more astonishing features that you will be able to enjoy soon.

2. Linktrees platforms

Linktree allows you to optimize the landing page using different links you want your audience to visit. The links can be from any social media site, like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or some other. You can even use links to the content of your website. 

The tool allows you to share the link of a link tree on any social media site including Twitter and Instagram.

What Linktrees platform Offers You:

  • Add unlimited links into your linktree.
  • Create a way for the visitors to check your other social platform as well.
  • Customize the link trees color, button, font.
  • It allows you to schedule posts, time links to go live.
  • You will get access to priority support.

You will get the Linktree in two variants: the free and the paid ones. In the free variant, there will be limitations while using, whereas the paid variant will cost you $6 per month, and there will be no limitations.

3. Feedlink

Feedlink is a web and mobile-optimized landing page that contains multiple clickable links in one single place. The tool allows you to mention every photo in the feed with links in order to maximize the potential of your Instagram account and act as a sale and distribution channel.

What Feedlink Offers You:

  • It is a web and mobile-optimized landing page.
  • Feedlink offers a shoppable landing page.
  • It offers a reusable link that you can use on any social media platform.
  • The tool navigates the visitors directly to the product page, so more chances of conversion.
  • A way to generate revenue from your Instagram profile.

Feedlink is also a free tool but also has a paid version. In the free version, you won’t get the best out of the tool whereas in the paid version there will be no limitations you can use every option of the tool. For the paid version you will need to pay a price between $19 per month to $99 per month the price varies as per the features you need.

4. Shorby

Shorby lets you create a customized link tree with multiple links that will redirect the visitors to the place where you want them to reach, it can be a social media site, or to the content of your websites, or to some other place.

The tool allows you to share the link on other social media sites including Twitter and Instagram without any hindrance.

What Shorby Offers You:

  • It allows you to customize the page by adding video, pictures, gif, and icons.
  • Allows you to customize the font and add a catchy heading.
  • Allows you to swap the link internally, and add as many links you want.
  • Provide real-time analytics.
  • Let’s retarget the audience to third-party websites like Clickbank and Amazon.

Shorby is a paid tool that offers a 5-day trial without mentioning your credit card details. Once the trial period is over you will have to pay for the paid version if you want to continue the service. The price differs between $9 per month to $99 per month depending on the features you want to enjoy.

5. Link in Profile

Link in Profile is a little different from other link tree tools. This tool allows you to add a link to the Instagram images. Whenever any follower sees the post and uses the link then they reach the place they want, it can be a social site or even a website. 

The tools let you generate traffic from your Instagram feeds.

What Link in Profile Offers You:

  • It provides a delegate landing page.
  • It is very simple to manage.
  • Allows you to generate affiliate marketing.
  • Offers you a landing page with your Instagram name and profile picture.
  • Provide real-time analytics.

Link in Profile is also a paid tool, it offers a 30 days free trial and to continue the service you will have to pay $9.99 per month.

6. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio lets you create a customized landing page with all your desired links on it. You can add as many links as you want and not only links but images and videos as well accompany your links.

Lnk.Bio is a paid platform that starts from $0.99 per month. The lifetime plan costs around $9.99 and includes some extra features.

What Lnk.Bio Offers You:

  • It offers you a custom URL.
  • Real-time analytics and link stats.
  • Provides you with email support.
  • You can add unlimited links and customize them.

Lnk.Bio has the highest-paid version of $24.99 for a lifetime that includes unlimited features. In this version, you can even remove the Lnk.Bio logo and footer.

7. Tap Bio

Tap Bio is a tool that lets you create a customized landing page with all the links you want to share with others. The tool has a very user-friendly interface and lets you create an astonishing landing page from your mobile and share it on other platforms.

This tool has different cards which can be used as extensions in the landing page. Tap Bio also comes with a single call to action link that can increase the number of viewers to click the link.

What Tap Bio Offers You:

  • Tap Bio offers you different extensions for your landing page.
  • You can customize your landing page the way you want.
  • Provides a very user-friendly interface which makes it easier for you to use the tool.
  • You can add as many links as you want.

The tool can be used for free, but there is also a paid version for four links. It is around $5 per month and you will get 3 extensions along with it. If you want to use more than four links then you will have to purchase the gold pack which costs around $12 per month and comes with bundles or extensions and there is no limitation in this pack.

8. ContactinBio

ContactinBio helps viewers to connect with all the links present on your landing page. You can customize your landing page with images, videos, contact form, and many more options. The tool provides more customization options like you can mention the user name with the link tree.

The tool offers you some additional paid features like, It comes with integrated Mailchimp and Facebook pixels. Provides a sign-up form and lets you collect emails, you can even upload videos and pictures.

What ContactinBio Offers You:

  • The tool offers you an easy interface that facilitates drag and drop.
  • You get an option to add a contact form and also social media buttons.
  • Complete customization options that include changing font size, color.
  • Other customizations include adding pictures and videos and also changing themes.
  • Real-time analytics to track the activity of your landing page.

ContactinBio comes with both free and paid versions. The free version has many limitations, whereas the paid edition starts from $7 per month for business and $28 per month for the agencies.

The paid plan has no limitations and you can use every single feature to get the best out of the tool, but with the free version there will be several limitations but still work really well.


Here are the 8 best tools to create link trees. We have spent a lot of time on them and came up with the best 8. This list is made as per our observations so it may vary from what you are expecting.

The above list is made by keeping several important factors in mind. You can check all the tools and then make your decision.

There are free as well as paid options available, so choose the suitable tool as per your need and budget.

All the tools will give you excellent results and help you increase the reach of your website or social media account. All the tools can be used in any social mermaid platform without any hindrance.

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