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Linktree – Why is it called a “Link Tree”?

Linktree – I am not the only one to whom the above picture seems peaceful, and relaxing I guess. We should save trees because harming nature will indirectly cause harm to us.

Why is a linktree called a linktree? 

A tree has many branches and twigs, but all are attached to a single trunk. In the same, way in a linktree, you will find numerous links under a single link.

One main link will direct you to a landing page containing many links, and each of the links will take you to some other place, either be it social media sites, blogs of a website, or to different products in a shopping portal.

In the link tree, all you will find are links to different places. Now I guess you are clear why a link tree is called a link tree. 

Perks of creating a linktree!

link tree
More Blogs For Better Understanding

In recent times no one has enough time to copy all the crucial links and share them one by one every time someone asks. Everybody needs time-saving and easy ways to accomplish a task. Linktree will help to solve this problem. 

You can create a linktree with all the crucial links and then send it every time someone asks for it.

Not only use a link tree to store your links, but also to store your previous work samples or class works, or you can list the items of your e-store and can be used in many more ways.

Paste the link of your landing page in different social media profiles to generate traffic to the links used. A linktree can be an excellent method to increase the traffic to your websites and other social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Things that you can include in your link tree.

MEAU linktree lets you add as many links as you want without charging you any money for that. Not only links, but you can also add social icons, images, your digital portfolio link, and many others things.

At MEAU, you will find many options to make your linktree more effective and look astonishing. There are plenty of features that you will love about MEAU.

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