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Everything about Meau – Digital business card

There are lots of digital platforms on the internet where you can build your digital profile. But only creating a digital profile is not enough. Get the best Digital Business Card at MEAU.

If you want to create a strong digital presence on the internet world so that you can attract recruiters, customers, influencers, and also want to generate leads. Then you are on the right page of the internet.

On this page, you will know what is Meau – Digital business card and How it can help you to create a strong digital profile.

Let’s start with what is MEAU.

What is Meau -Digital business card.

MEAU stands for “Me App Url” where ‘Me’ means ‘your’, ‘App‘ mean ‘Application’, and ‘URL’ means your ‘Vanity URL’.

This is an All-In-One digital platform or sum of total of place to create a business card, e-portfolio, resume, link tree, a digital card, short link, save all your search links in one place with link analytics.

Meau – Digital business cards whose main aim is to help internet users to meet all their needs regardless of the field of work. Meau with skilled teams makes every user experience trustworthy, easy of use, appealing, and memorable.

Whether you are a teacher, businessman, student, entrepreneur, employer, does not matter which field you belong to. Meau provides every user with a similar opportunity to create digital cards as per your requirement.

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“MEAU – Digital Business card” features to design an elegant digital business profile.

Meau – Digital Business Card.

The Platform ( meau ) also provides various features that make your user experience richer such as the bookmark feature, my corporates, messages service, ACCESS CONTROLS, visiting history, URL shortener, link analytics, etc.

Let’s start with access control.

Access Controls is the best feature of MEAU and sets it apart from other platforms, lets understand it.

There are 3 types of access controls in MEAU:

  1. Public: If you keep your link public, your link would be visible to anyone. In other words, make those links public about which you don’t care that who sees them.
  2. Protected: Protected links are only visible to genuine MEAU users. In simpler words, if you want to keep track of who views your link and how many times, then you should make your link protected.
  3. Private: Private links are only visible to users to whom you have given access to. To explain it more thoroughly, one can only see your private link if you allow him to, otherwise not.

This method addresses most of our problems, but then there is one another problem. There might be a case where you want your office colleague may view your LinkedIn profile, but not your Instagram profile. Or your neighbor may see your Facebook account, but you want that he shouldn’t see your GitHub account. To address these issues, we bring you link profiles.

There are 3 types of link profiles in MEAU:

  1. Social: Add your social media links here. Example – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  2. Professional: Add your professional links here. Example – LinkedIn, GitHub, CodeChef
  3. Personal: Any link that you want to keep of a personal profile. Example – personal contact information (phone number, emails)

Now, if your office colleague wants your professional and social information then you will give him your social and professional access. By doing this he won’t be able to see your personal links.

So, here you can ask for particular access from someone, or you can give someone your profile access with complete data security.

Now, Let’s go through the steps which tell you How can you create your profile at MEAU.

Create Meau Profile in just 4 STEPS.

Step – 1: First, sign up at https://meau.in with an appropriate username and a phone number. Get started by filling in your basic details, for example, name, DOB, email, and all other necessary details required to make your profile look professional.

Step – 2: Next, you have to add links that are necessary for your profile for example – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for social purpose and LinkedIn, GitHub, CodeChef, etc. for a professional point of view. You can customize access for each link as well.

Step – 3: For the final touch-up, you can add some additional information such as projects, achievements, certificates, education details, jobs, internships, etc.

Step – 4: Finally, once you are done with lining all your data, choose the best template for your profile and now your profile is all set to shine. Now you can share it anywhere with a single link.

Along with this all, MEAU has some outstanding features:

  1. Visiting History: Keeps track and sends an email to you whenever someone visits your profile. It keeps track of the people following you.
  2. Bookmarks: Want to follow someone? Here’s a solution, the bookmark feature helps you to save a profile so you can access it whenever you want.
  3. Data Security: We value our clients; hence data security is our primary concern. Your data is safe and secure.
  4. My Corporates: Want to be updated about your corporation and job sector? Explore our premium feature of corporations which helps you in building a friendly corporate sector. Here you can see all the people listed under your business email. Therefore, we advise you to save your business email at MEAU, so that you can access this feature.
  5. Link Analytics: Want to know who views your links? MEAU keeps a record of every person who views your link.
  6. Short URL: Want to get rid of all the long and messy URLs? Shorten your URL with MEAU. For example – a google drive URL can be pretty huge and difficult to remember (and the purpose of the URL is also forgotten), so you just need to shorten it through MEAU. Here all the access controls are present which are in the links section and hence it proves to be an excellent feature.
  7. Events: Here you can see the events going on around the globe based on your preferences. You can also create your own event or join other events as well.

Where to use this digital profile link created with MEAU.

You have multiple options to use your vanity URL or meau profile link URL.

Now we will discuss some point where you can use your meau profile link URL.

Email signature: Emails are the most effective form of electronic communication for both business and consumer users. Whether you are business partners, job candidates, influencers, employers making an effective impression at the end of the mail quite easier If you use email signature.

You send an email signature at the end of the email so that recipients can know you better. What would be better If you add digital profile links in the email signature?.

You can add your meau profile link at the end of the email so that recipients know you more.

Meau profile url in email signature.

Bio link: Every digital platform provide limited words to describe bio. And we know Short professional bio on a digital platform increase the chance to attract the recruiter, the customer. You can make your bio short and professional by including the meau profile link.


CV and Resume: Resume is the thing which you use to market yourself. A high professional resume increases your chances of selection. A resume is your docket or document in which you outline your project, certificates, achievement, education, company details where you have worked before with what your roles in the company.

With MEAU you have two option, first is you can create your resume or e-portfolio as per your needs and the second is you can use your vanity URL in your resume.

So, now creating a digital identity with MEAU is pretty easy and quick.

Visit MEAU and get yourself the best professional digital profile.

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