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MEAU Rating Helps to Increase Profile Accessibility

From deciding the movie you want to watch on the weekend to the food you want to order or the clothes that you want to buy, we all check the online ratings of the given good before indulging in its consumption. A similar trend has penetrated the service sector as well where MEAU rating helps you to increase profile accessibility.

In today’s digital world, before hiring an employee or making a business deal with a company, you can affirm the individual’s or the company’s worth and reputation by the ratings displayed on their business profile.

MEAU, a hub of diverse social profiles, helps its users establish their social standing and market value by displaying their ratings on their online profiles.

Users from across the internet can rate your digital business profile anonymously based on their previous work interactions with you. The prospective people who come across your Profile will form an impression of your merit-based on such ratings.

Here’s why the Rating feature at MEAU stands out and is one to look out for:

Way of Reputation Marketing

At MEAU, you can give other people ratings and receive the same to showcase on your Profile. It serves as a way of reputation marketing. The ratings become digital proof of your online worth, and thus high ratings attract more potential customers.

Free Advertising

Online ratings are a way of advertising your brand for free. This is a cost-effective method of promoting your business or yourself in the market with minimum investment.

Online ratings establish a common ground where consumers can learn from each other’s brand experiences and thus establishes trust.
A higher rating thus shows a higher consumer trust and is effective in converting prospects into customers. You can also improve the click-through rates on your Profile and thus boost your SEO significantly.

Analyse Feedback

MEAU allows you to modify and update the ratings you had given to a profile previously. MEAU also breaks down the rating analytics for its users by letting you survey your latest ratings.

You can thus see the ratings on your profile in the last hour or day and also know the number of 5-star ratings given for instance. By studying the data analytics, you can examine the consumer feedback and thus use it to improve your market value efficiently.

Beware of False Ratings

A disadvantage of online ratings is they can often be misused to present a false picture and can be misleading. MEAU safeguards you from such fraud by its transparent policy of providing the analytics of ratings on your profile.

People visiting your profile can see the recent ratings given on your profile in the last few days. By this rating, they can determine credibility by the numbers displayed.

A mysteriously high spike in the number of ratings on a profile in the last hour, for instance, will give rise to suspicion and will let you beware of illegitimate ratings.

Ratings at MEAU show the pathway to establish, promote, and cost-effectively grow your career prospects in a digitally secure space.

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