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Send and Receive Request on MEAU

With cyber-crime on the rise more than ever before, protecting the information that you put online becomes essential. With a robust privacy algorithm, we at MEAU value your privacy and ensure to protect and safeguard your data from web crawlers and spammers online by providing you a request option.

By enlisting yourself on MEAU, you get to be in the driver’s seat of your business profile and control who has access to your data on the internet.

On MEAU, you can segregate your data into three categories, namely, public, private, and protected data. Only the data that you categorize as Public will be available to anyone who visits your MEAU profile. To access your Protected and Private data, however, users will have to send you a request. You can also voluntarily grant access to users with whom you want to share your data.

page of Send and Receive Request on MEAU

On the dashboard of your MEAU profile, you can find three tabs that display access given access received as well as the request page. The rightmost corner of your dashboard also shows the grant tab over which you can give access to your varied data to users.

The complex and intricately built access, grant, and request mechanisms. This designed to ensure the privacy of your data which remains our primary priority.

Access Mechanism

Send and Receive Request on MEAU

A digital business profile allows you to share your important data with the desired organization or individual effortlessly and efficiently at any moment.

You can give access to your (basic and intimate details, social data , as well as professional data.

Users can send you specific requests to gain access to your personal, social, or professional data. However, the pending previous requests will be florid if you send a new one.

For instance, if you had sent a user a request for access to their social data in the past and with a pending request in stock. You send the user a new request for access to their data, the previous request will be overwritten and canceled out by the new one.

If your request has been accepted and approved, however, then a new request will not disturb the previously granted one. The result then will be access to both social and personal data in the aforementioned case. You will thus get a distinct merger of both the accesses.

You can accept or decline the access requests as well as cancel or revoke them. If the person does not require the access any longer, he or she can cancel the data access.

Grant Request Mechanism

Send and Receive Request on MEAU

At MEAU, you can also grant access to users you wish to share your data with yourself. As in the case of the access mechanism, your previous grants will be overwritten by the new grants that you share with a digital user.

Access Queue Mechanism

You can grant access to an individual or organization. There are three ways i.e. you can grant access to a username, phone number, or email. While granting access to a username would mean restricting access grants to registered MEAU users only. Another is granting access to a phone number or email. Lastly, on the other hand, allows you to put non-MEAU users in a queue to gain access to your data.

On registering on MEAU with the same email or phone number as in the queue for the access, the earlier grant will be automatically fulfilled, and access to your data will be generated to the new MEAU user.

You can thus keep your information protected on your digital portfolio. You can share your data whenever needed according to your preferences and needs in a single snap. MEAU’s strong and intricately built privacy algorithm is designed to give you a safe and hassle-free web experience.

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