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Secured links with MEAU Link Locker

Link Locker is a digital service with an emphasis on privacy. Save your secured links, and they will be visible only to you.

The link locker is for all those who want to list their private and non-private links at a place and may access them later. The best part about putting all your links at a link locker is, they are only viewed and accessed by the owner of those secured links.

Link Locker Is Not a Social Network

Link Locker has no social features and provides no capacity to share your content with different service users. It is a place to store things for your recommendations rather than a platform to broadcast how cool you are.

Link Locker takes your coolness as a given and stays out of your way. Store your data, recover it later, and keep on working.

Not Going Anywhere, Lockdown your links with MEAU.

We want to give you a unique place to store your data for years to come. MEAU believes that the best way to list your link is a link locker with all security purposes in your hands.

It’s quite simple: we provide you with a useful service, such as –

  • Edit your saved links just in a snap.
  • Search your saved links accurately by typing the first letter of your link.
  • Your important links now in your pocket.
  • You can save multiple links at a time. 

How to lock links with MEAU?

  • Login or sign in to MEAU if you are new at MEAU.
  • Jump to the link locker page.
  • Click to Add Link
  • Enter the URL you want to save.
  • Write a short description of your link just for remembrance.
  • Write a short description of your link just for remembrance.

We have it all for You

1. Privacy Comes First.

MEAU Link Locker is built from the ground up with its users’ privacy in mind. We don’t even know your name.

2. We’re not tracking you.

Link Locker will never do anything with your details. We don’t even store it. We think selling info about individuals is unreal.
Keeping your security and privacy, in mind we created MEAU to solve all your problems.

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