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Did you ever try screwing a nut without a screw driver? Well, that is exactly what happens when you don’t use MEAU instead of your archaically old-fashioned business cards. MEAU, in its entirety, is a modernistic transfiguration with a user-friendly interface for better usage and understanding. With built in privacy driven algorithm and connection mechanism inherited data structures, this application caters to the need of the fast-paced consumer which by a click can browse in and out. It also bridges the gap between the employer and the aspirant. With the world advancing towards the paperless society this application doesn’t only revolutionize in bringing the world together in this traumatic covid-19 but also in sustaining it for a better future ahead.

With all the required links and necessary details in just one single place entirely eases out the work process. Instead of providing your Instagram link, your Facebook link or even your LinkedIn ID one by one, MEAU enables the users to get all that they may require in just the ease of a click. When the world out there is finding ways to reduce the physical interaction, MEAU aids to it and provides a solution for great marketeers to not stop from making connections and networking all around the globe. With MEAU you can transfer whatever details you wish to whomsoever round the globe at just – A CLICK! It is an app which unites the society altogether through a new platform with its ultimate dynamic, high user engagement platform which guarantees you layers of protection.

Without a doubt! With the primal motive to safeguard the content given by the consumer, MEAU focuses its interest in protecting the data provided through layers of protection. To begin with, we have the Public Access option which basically deals with whatever link or content you deem perfect for anyone to see. Next up, is the Private Access option which clearly states that the content which is not professional but is still asked by organizations for record purposes. Which too can’t be seen unless you’ve granted an access to them to do so. Lastly, is the Protected Access option which enables only the users having access to your password to get through. Despite these, you can keep a record of people visiting your profile on a day-to-day basis and avoid spammers.

In MEAU APP you can keep a track of people visiting your profile as well as people checking your links. For tracking your profile visits follow the steps : Go to DASHBOARD. Then click on VISITING HISTORY. You can also keep a track of the visiting trends of a particular user visiting your profile. In addition to this you can also keep a track of users visiting your profile in a day, in a month and in a year .

In MEAU APP we provide the users of a mail ID with private domain to find a user using the mail ID with similar domains. Private domains are given by certain organization to its employees for professional use. MY CORPORATES page benefits the business user with private domain mail ID’s to find other business users with similar mail ID. With the help of MY CORPORATES page you can find business users using the same domain assigned by your organization without any hassle. With the help of MY CORPORATES page you can find your teammates or your co-workers with the the same domain easily.

In MEAU APP you add a variety of links, images, numbers, address, achievements and UPI. We provide an option of keeping these information private, public, protected. You can set up these according to your preference. To set up your preference go to SETTINGS. There you will get options for keeping your information private, public or protected. In addition to this when you add different links of social media or professional sites you are provided with the option to keep your links personal professional and social while adding the links. To add different links of go to MY DETAILS. There you get an option of adding links and other details and you can classify your added links as social,public or professional.

When you add links and data in MEAU APP you get an option to keep your data and links public, private or protected. You can add these preferences in SETTINGS. When you keep a link or data PUBLIC it can be accessed by each and every person visiting your profile. It can also be accessed by users who do not have an account in the MEAU APP. When you keep a link or data PRIVATE it can be accessed by only those users whom you have granted the access to. You can either grant access by sending the other user the access permission or you can accept the request that another user has made to access your private links and data. When you keep a link or a data PROTECTED it can only be accessed by those users who have an account in the MEAU APP. Users not associated with the MEAU APP cannot access data and links that are protected.

Web crawlers are computer programs used by the search engines. They copy the content from the websites and index the downloaded pages for the search engines to process later. They are otherwise called as spiders, bots or web cutters etc. When the web crawler tries to copy the sensitive info from the person’ URL our program redirects the crawlers to the website URLs. This is how our app restricts the scrapers.

Multi- dimensional searching helps the user in searching and locating the desired user’s profile in an easier way. It serves as a search box tool when an URL (e.g.: Facebook id) is typed, it redirects to the other URL of that given individual given that the person should have an account in our app for the multi-dimensional searching to be operative.

We understand the importance of your privacy and we give you full freedom to give access to each section of your uploaded data as you require. It is our priority to give you a safe and professional environment. We provide you to choose privacy settings to give access to your viewers from public, private and protected for all the data uploaded on your profile. These options are available for all the links individually, for your profile collectively and for your additional information. Our team has researched and put some default settings to give you the enhance your experience but they can be customized any time as per your requirements. The meaning of access settings: Public: Any user (logged-in and un-logged-in) can view that piece on content. Protected: Only verified (logged-in) users can access the data stated under private. Private: Only the users who have access can view this data. To have access to protected data either you have to grant it from your profile or users request permission to access from each other.

The main objective of generating a digital business docket is to share a person’s profile to the desired organization whenever needed in a single snap. There are three different options to serve this purpose: Social access, personal access and professional access. Social access enables to share your business cards through social networks like twitter, face book, text, email or LinkedIn etc.

The main objective of generating a digital business docket is to share a person’s profile to the desired organization whenever needed in a single snap. There are three different options to serve this purpose: Social access, personal access and professional access. Personal access enables to share your intimate details like your contact details, name, and portfolio for your requirement.

The main objective of generating a digital business docket is to share a person’s profile to the desired organization whenever needed in a single snap. There are three different options to serve this purpose: Social access, personal access and professional access. Professional access is to share the information regarding your business or organization for specialized purpose. It acts as the face of your business profile.

After uploading all the data that you are willing to share, the appearance of your profile can be easily adjusted. You can adjust the privacy settings of each section of your profile (for more details refer to public, private, and protected). While uploading all the additional information (ex. education, projects, links, etc. ) you have the privilege to adjust the order in which they will occur in your profile according to your priority preference. This can be easily achieved by dragging and dropping. You can also adjust the appearance of your dashboard easily with drag and drop. We also provide two templates for the better appearance of your profile (basic and classic). In basic templet, all your data will be left-aligned. The classic template has the feature of having all the data horizontally aligned. You can choose either to suit your needs. You can also adjust the colors of your profile as per your choice.

With the need of social distancing, converting physical business card into digital business docket ia the best alternative to keep your business stay open. During the COVID-19 pandemic, where people are now even scared to meet physically, physical business cards are useless. So digital business cards are the need of the hour. Along with this, its easy, cheaper and easy to maintain as well as reduces the use of paper. It grabs attention easily and is easy to share and affordable

Following are some easy steps for you to follow to get the best experience from MEAU: Let default be default: Our team has spent many hours researching to give you the best experience to optimum usage. We believe in your uniqueness and we understand that every user has different needs to be fulfilled, thus you can customize the settings as per your requirements. But we recommend not changing the default settings as we think they the essential for effective use of MEAU. Keep your profile updated: We highly recommend to put the correct and latest information on your profile. We recommend giving a deep thought before putting your office time and calling time to avoid ambiguity. Verify your email: We send all the updates and notifications directly to your email. Also, if you have a business email with a personal domain name then we highly recommend you use it. This will help you take advantage of our feature “My corporate”. It will list all your co-workers in a section on your profile. Report spam: Most importantly, if you come across any fake, inappropriate, or spam profile, we request you to report it immediately. Our team will make sure strict actions are taken against such users. Having a protected and professional environment for our users is our priority.

Imagine you're a writer, you have a blog, an Instagram page, you write on medium and you have written for various websites. We provide a platform to store all these links, and if you don’t want to show other people you can simply turn off their visibility, for safekeeping. This is true for all the data you upload on your profile. We assure you that your data is completely safe with us. We also provide a feature to bookmark other profiles for future use.

We ensure you that we use such servers to give you uninterrupted, fast service. We focus on having a peaceful, protected, and professional environment for you to share your data and grow by increasing your reach. Your data is protected and we do not use your data anywhere without your permission. Our user interface is very user friendly. We care for our users, therefore for any action that you might regret in the future, we ask you for confirmation, for example rejecting requests. So that we can save you from any embarrassing moment on our app. Also, we understand the importance of your time. We try to avoid any time consuming unnecessary steps, for example, if you forget your password you need not follow many steps to reset it. After verifying your account, we send you a random encrypted password, and avoid wasting your time.