Explore the Ground Breaking Features that Make MEAU Stand Out

MEAU understands your needs on a personal level and helps you build a customized digital portfolio and unlimited linktrees. With a customer focused approach, our features are capable of tranforming into a myriad of benefits for you.

Create multiple linktrees -

Create a single linktree from multiple links in a single id and add it to your social media accounts and let your friends find all your content in a single place.

Custom Design -

Customize a linktree as per your requirment

Get the best linktree by experts -

Experts know better, dont't they? The best linktrees of different fields from its expert will teach you a lot about that section.

Pin the best linktree -

A single click to save any linktree that sets the best for you.

In-depth Analytics -

Monitor the total visits on your linktrees,and also on every single link.

Custom URL -

Set the linktree URL as per user requirments.

URL Shortner-

Short URL's are considered as user-friendly,shorten your URL's with custom names for free.

Link Locker-

We believe privacy and safety are very important in a person's life and we ensure safety to the links in our link locker. A feature for the trust of users.