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What is MEAU? 【Digital Business Docket & Digital Portfolio】

MEAU is an access enabled, privacy controlled digital business docket which can be used as a portfolio, a digital business card or a link tree. Digital portfolio helps you to share your learning and achievements digitally. The best digital portfolio is one which contains your academics, projects, achievements, corporate experience, and much more about your personal information.

In this era social links play a very important role in sharing your digital identity in a digital portfolio. Sharing a link (with all other links inside it) is now possible with MEAU. Our digital portfolio consists of your link tree, digital biodata, your additional information such as your projects, companies, achievements, skills, academics, certificates, and much more.

At last we can say that the best way to create your free digital portfolio, free digital business card, and a free link tree is with MEAU.

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MEAU is a single link solution where you can create your own digital business profile as per your needs with some simple steps and can use it as a digital business card or digital portfolio.

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Creating a link tree with MEAU will take a few seconds.
Use secure access controls, resume templates, manage your account effortlessly. Play around with different features and get yourself the best digital profile that sets you apart.

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Visiting History

Keeps track and gives an update whenever someone visits your profile.

Bookmark Profiles

Bookmark important profiles you visited with a single tap.

Access Request

Send access request to other users to see their private data.

Data Security

We value our clients & data security is our priority. Your data is safe & secure.

My Corporate

My corporates section allows you to find people working with you.

All Events

Create your own event or join events around the globe.

Link Locker

Link locker allows you to store links with utmost privacy. No one can breach this!

Short URL

This allows you to shorten your URLs easily and free of cost.


Create your drafts and save your important notes here.


Give testimonials to other people and receive the same to showcase on your profile.

Resume Review

Submit your resume, and get them reviewed by industrial experts.


Give ratings to other people and get the same to show off!

How it works

Create your own

Create and customize your own docket.

Save to device

After creating, save your docket in your own device.

Share anywhere

Share your digital portfolio anywhere with a single link.


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