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MEAU makes designing a Docket simple, convenient, and reliable. Create what you need in no time!

The main objective of generating a digital business docket is to share your profile to the desired organization whenever needed through a single link. There are three types of access: social, personal and professional. One can set up a particular link as any of these, and can share the profile, containing these links. So, now you have an access enabled profile which can be shared in one link.


Our website is safe from web crawlers. Web crawlers are computer programs used by the search engines. They copy the content from the websites and index the downloaded pages for the search engines to process later. They are known as spiders, bots or web cutters etc as well. When the web crawler tries to copy the sensitive info from the person’s URL our system does not provide the original URL.

Multi-dimensional customizable searching helps the user in searching and locating the desired user’s profile in an easy way. It serves as a search box tool when an URL (e.g.: Facebook ID) is given. This also accepts email address, and mobile numbers and processes them in a similar way.


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