About Us

We’re here with a tool that will make your life easy in this Digitalized World.

We all are aware of the restrictions in the Bio link of Instagram / Twitter and other platforms. The most annoying thing about the Bio-Link sentient us is that you can put multiple links. I guess many of you can relate to me. It is the place where MEAU will solve your problem. MEAU is a platform that allows you to create a customized landing page with as many links as you want, and not links but also social buttons. We provide you plenty of customization options.


MEAU lets you create linktrees for free and also comes with real-time analytics options to track all the activities for your linktrees. You can use this data to improve linktree qualities and also to target your audience.

All of the linktrees in our platform have a chronology. You can look at them, share them, and save them to your favourites. It is the most distinguishing aspect of MEAU. The timeline allows you to learn about other linktrees and aids in knowledge acquisition.


Our Team