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Visiting trends help you to know who stalked you last

Are you a regular user of MEAU? Are you curious enough to know who viewed your profile?

Well… Well… well…. We have an option to extend that fortune to all of the users. This option is called visiting trends. This lets you know who has viewed your profile recently. It has a 2-way advantage. Wanna know how? It gives the other person to view your profile for future reference and also helps you to upgrade your profile based on the number of people who have viewed your e-portfolio.

Now, why is it important to know your profile?


Some may ask. Visiting trends option shows the profile of the user who has viewed your profile. It helps you to exalt your profile in terms of information which leads to a higher number of people wanting to contact you or regarding your business.

An Additional feature to upgrade this into a better step is bookmarking the particular person’s profile for future reference. An option called bookmark supports you to keep hold of a person’s profile of interest.

I know many of you all are as nosy as me to check out these features in the MEAU app and check up on some brilliant e-portfolios. Then what are you waiting for?? Time and tide wait for none… Find out who stalked you last.

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